Thursday, January 19, 2012

I needed tortillas

which was a slight problem, as I've been trying to pass on stuff containing soy or soy oil, and every brand I looked at has the crap in it. Looked at shortening; every brand contained soy. Then what do my disgusted eyes did appear?



So a small tub of lard followed me home and was mixed up with the flour and salt and whatnot.


Rolled out better, thinner, and cooked up as the best tortillas I've made yet. And it cost less than shortening, too.

I think next time I make biscuits, I'll try this. I'm low on bacon grease anyway.


Gerry N. said...

My maternal grandmother was a cook in a restaurant during the Great Depression, she managed to get an on-going supply of bear tallow and goose grease which she used for cooking. She said bear tallow made the best pie crust and was easier than lard to use, Goose grease was a very good shortening as well. If anyone suggested vegetable shortening, she'd likely beat 'em to a pulp with a lefse pin. I cook with good ol' lard, it is far easier to get good results with it than veggie shortening and things taste better as well. Bacon drippings can be problematic what with so many kinds of bacon being flavored with sugar and corn syrupm making it sticky. I'd opt for plain lard. If you can get it, stabilized lard won't go rancid.

The only veg. fat I've had good luck with is coconut oil, but you need to be tolerant of macaroon flavored eggs and fried potatoes. Look up the nutritional values of coconut oil, it's amazing stuff.

BobG said...

I like homemade ones, and lard is still the best thing for making them.
My mom always had a can of lard in the pantry, and it made some damn good donuts and pies.

Phelps said...

It might be tough in OK, but there are still a few places to get lard tortillas here in Dallas.

Marja said...

Ready made lard isn't sold in Finland, so I render it myself. Use that mostly for frying since I don't bake much. I'd like to but wheat is among the things I have problems with, and baking without wheat is a bit too complicated to my taste.

I much prefer to know what I'm eating, almost anything ready made can give me stomach problems. I seem to have some sort of gluten sensitivity. And officially I'm also lactose intolerant, but guess what, raw milk seems to suit me just fine.

bob r said...

Red Palm Oil is pretty good for cooking. I like coconut oil for some things but eggs are definitely better with the palm oil.

Absolutely refuse to eat stuff made with soy beans.