Sunday, January 15, 2012

One last thing for tonight, on Globular Warmering and nasty 'deniers'

Robb had a post a while back and the comments got interesting. At the least.

Some of this reminds me of a friend I got into a disagreement with. Turned out she's a True Believertm and I made the mistake of tripping that switch. She'd said something about AGW, to which I replied 'Bullshit', or something equally polite, and went on to note that when I was 14 or so I was reading about how Globular Cooling was going to
cause crop failures,
spread diseases,
trash the oceans,
destroy developed countries and
"Cats and dogs LIVING TOGETHER!"
etc. And that an awful lot of the same people pushing that are now pushing Globular Warminering/Climate Change. Turned out that it shocked her immensely that I was a Denier(a word that truly pisses me off) and I got the whole routine: all REAL scientists believe, all denier scientists either aren't REAL scientists or are bought off, etc. ad nauseum ad fuckitall.

And another who, when I pointed to the flat scientific frauds, the character assassination, the lies revealed in the CRU e-mails, the response was "And all that will be found in them is that the world is warming up and the deniers are fools", and so on. Scientific fraud? Ignore it. Trying to destroy other scientists for asking questions? Unimportant. Lies? Don't count.

It's been kind of amazing.


Anonymous said...

There's part of this "discussion" I don't see getting much exposure. When I were a sprout, I recall learning that green things, from teeny plants to redwood trees, including grass and stuff like that, eat CO2 and shit O2. Seems to me that those who would get rid of CO2 are trying to starve our friends in the plant community. Seems a little cold-hearted to me, but then, as I've pointed out before, I'm just a music teacher. I don't have the credentials to get into this scientific pissing contest.

AM said...

Those that believe in AGW don't understand science. But when you challenge someone's belief system with "facts" they usually get all huffy.

Just ask them if they understand the terms; albedo, heat capacity, pressure density, frequency interaction, wiggle, stretch, interference, wavelength, absorption spectrum, and if they don't then they obviously don't know what the heck they believe in.

Gerry N. said...

It's not amazing at all, just look at the Cargo Cults, Flat Earther's, Twin Towers conspiracy idiots, Christian Scientists, Scientologists, HIV deniers, Et Al. Lots of idjits running loose in this world. What's amazing is that they're generally allowed to vote, breed, live unsupervised next door and drive cars.

When I'm crowned Emperor, that foolishness will stop, and that right soon.