Saturday, January 07, 2012

I don't care where you just graduated from,

you ain't bulletproof.
And yes, it seems alcohol was involved.

Y'know, I flat LOVE the idea of cops who intrude into your home without a valid warrant, or a warrant that's based on lies, being charged with trespassing; and THEN getting their personal ass sued off. And prosecutors who screw you over also being personally liable for their wrongdoing.
You'd see an awful lot of cleanup of SWAT misuse/overuse, and prosecutors playing games.

The dumping on the Santorums over the baby reminds me of the other demonstrations of the empathy of the left: like writing a crappy attack on Palin using her youngest as the line of attack, like declaring that calling for a 'R' governor to be murdered is freedom of speech, etc. Of course, if you call them on it they tend to drag out the Arizona incident as if it were accepted the nut was sent by the tea party and lecture about the 'vile discourse of the right', etc. ad nauseum.

Speaking of SEALs, 255 kills with rifle; damn.
And Jesse Ventura got what he was asking for.

'Team RINO', that's a good way to put it

I don't really know if it's cowardice or treason(what else would you call wanting to give the enemy secret materials?), but I like the picture anyway:
Anyway, it fits so much else he's done

Now THERE'S an idea for you! As an aside, I wonder if it makes you smell like bacon, too?

Yeah, this is a problem with some women. And more men nowadays, too.

Every one of the idiots/bastards pushing this garbage should be shunned. 'doubts Auschwitz was a death camp' for Deity' sake... And yes, I include Paul in that. Some radio show a couple of days ago a couple of his slightly-more rabid followers called in; Lord, what fools.

So this is why so few bees around the last couple of years? Damn flies.

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