Friday, January 06, 2012

Now HERE'S some science

for you!


Bob said...

Now that is really cool; I remember blogging on the discovery of the stuff a couple of years ago, and I recall that they said that they would try to re-create it, but I never followed up on it. Thanks for linking it.

Marja said...

There were news here in 2010 that 185 year old beer had been found from a shipwreck near Ă…land. Also that a local brewery was interested about the possibility of re-creating that beer - the main question being whether it would be possible to find still living yeast cells from the bottles (five of them were found intact). There seem to be no news since, so either they didn't find those living cells, or they are still working on it.

There were also near two hundred intact bottles of champagne in that same wreck. Some of those were later sold in an auction, I think, the champagne was supposedly still drinkable while the beer less so. A couple of reporters were given a taste of the beer (one spoonful), according to them it smelled rotten but tasted a bit better.