Sunday, January 01, 2012

They left out the post-bite treatment:

kill the snake.

A list of some of the worst media malpractice of the past year, which includes
8. Goodbye, Iraq. The bias was so pervasive this year that I need to bring out something I haven’t yet touched, namely the Associated Press’s historical revisionism two weeks ago as U.S. troops were about to leave Iraq. Readers here only need to see five words to get a clue as to how bad the AP story was: “No WMD were ever found.” Memo to Rebecca Santana and Robert Reid: Yes they werealong with 550 metric tons of yellowcake uranium found in Iraq after Saddam was overthrown, specifically “the stuff that can be refined into nuclear weapons or nuclear fuel.”
I know people who 'can't believe anyone still believes there were WMD's in Iraq'; they also tend to be "Bush LIED!!" types. They dismiss the information on various grounds, which all boil down to "I want Bush to have lied and there to have been none, so there weren't!"

More of what idiots do instead of actually doing something. Which may be to the good: while they're wasting time on this they're not screwing with us in some other way. And at this point the clowns are going to be messing with us, unless we can actually get a lot of them laid off or fired.

Never heard of Quanell X before; apparently one more RWPP jackass. Hey, here's an idea for you, asshole: try teaching your kids
They don't HAVE to have some friggin' $200 running shoes,
They SHOULD act like civilized human beings, not spoiled brats, and
Why the hell should the company or the sports guys take a hit because you can't bother to teach your kids the above? Fuck you, X. And all your little jerk friends, too.

The earth, she isn't exactly static, is she?


Anonymous said...

My son that was in the 82nd Air Borne and now in the 1st Cav spent 1 tour in Afghan and 2 in Iraq; says his guys found numerous items that if they were put together...they would have been declared WMD's. So the progressive folks are trying to parse a sentence very close to the bone.
Their stance is that if the WMD wasn't able to be launched or blown up....then it didn't exist. Anybody that has practical knowledge will tell you if you have parts that will give you an end product....then you have the product.


Anonymous said...

It is a known fact that Iraq had no deliverable/prepared WMD and no ability to prepare or make them with the equipment that they had available to them at the time of invasion.
Doesnt matter what you say or how you try to spin it, its BS.
The war was built on a lie, if they lied about that what else are they lying about. TB

Firehand said...

Gee, Anony, does tht include the nerve-gas artillery shell used in a IED? And all the other stuff they found? Screw you.

Yeah, I suppose French and German and Russian and all those other intelligence agencies ALL got together to 'lie' to us for the sake of Bush, right?