Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Under the heading of 'Things I'd like to see'

is an idea that occurred the other day:
Take the old Colt Pocket Hammerless in .380:
Put on bigger sights.
Make the thumb safety a 'click on & off'.
And, just to gild the lily, make the frame of suitable aluminum.
Wouldn't that be a sweet thing?


Anonymous said...

Or just fix the safety -- but most importantly make it drop-safe. I can hit with the sights as they are at social ranges and I can manage the weight, but I won't carry it if it's not drop safe.

MikeS said...

Sounds a lot like Kimber's 9mm "Solo", to me.

Matthew said...

Or the Colt Gov't 380 Pocketlite, minus the important hammerless part.

Speaking of which, hey Sig, whatcha thinkin?

Sigivald said...

That would be interesting, yes.

I have a .380 Llama (more or less a copy of the old Mustang) which I adore.

Lighter weight and no hammer would be nice in a dedicated carry gun, though they're completely unnecessary for the plinking I use mine for.

Firehand said...

If I ran across a Hammerless in ratty shape that the current owner wasn't asking a fortune for, be interesting to use it for a test bed: change the sights, see if could modify the safety to a 'click' at on & off.

Unfortunately, the last ones I've seen that were in really ratty shape were also 'Early model! Rare! I want $$$$ for it!!"