Thursday, December 01, 2011

To anyone familiar with Meprolight tritium sights

Friend had an idea: take a Meprolight tritium shotgun sight, like this one, and mount it on a semi-auto pistol to replace the original tiny blade. Seems like it should work; my question is, anyone know if the shock of being on a slide instead of a barrel would be a problem for it?


Anonymous said...

You want to use the shotgun dot because it's big, or cheap?

If you just want big XS Sights makes big dot front sights for pistols. A lot more expensive than the shotgun dot, but no hassle mounting.

Firehand said...

His idea was that, on some smaller pistols that do not have a dovetailed slide, it would be a lot less expensive to cut the old sight level with the slide, drill and tap a hole and fit one of these than to have the dovetail cut.