Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Somehow, I got on the Environmental Defense Fund list,

and I've been reading of the doom heading our way. Climate change has begun to take an unprecedented toll on our environment, on human lives and on budgets around the world...
...while some in Congress are engaged in an all-out assault on our air and water.
It's about parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles who don't want their loved ones to be exposed to dangerous toxins in their toys and furnishings(so don't buy shit from China).
It's about everyone who wants to achieve solutions to global warming, so that polar bears... and human communities... can survive(does that include Algore's latest estate purchase on the coast?).

And The Word from some of their Senior Scientists:
"If we don't change the things we're doing, the weather of the future will bring devastating, life-threatening heat."
"Today your child has a better chance of becoming a Major League Baseball player than a chemical has of being regulated by the EPA. Now there's a statistic!" Well, if the EPA wasn't screwing with trying to regulate dust from farming and ranching, maybe some of your Saviors of Humanity there would have more time to fuck things up in the ways you say you prefer, hmmm?

Here's a good one: " Why can't you and I read a product label and know whether it may include chemicals that are harmful to our health?" Let's see... you can't buy something with brass parts without reading that THIS CONTAINS SUBSTANCES KNOWN BY THE STATE OF CALIFORNICATED TO CAUSE CANCER!!! for one. So his "Why can't we find that out(yes, it's really worded this way) how many chemicals are produced in the U.S. and how they're used?" makes me wonder how the hell he can ask that with a straight face(assuming he did); I don't think you can make ANYTHING without every substance involved being listed and tested and taxed and whatever...

Oh, and- of course- "The 1980's were the hottest decade on record, until the 1990's came along. The 90's held the crown only briefly until the 2000s. And on it goes. THE SCIENCE IS CLEAR!!!"(I may have added the caps and exclamations).

I should return the envelope with a printout of this instead of money

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