Monday, November 28, 2011

The Guerena murder has made international news,

in the Mail. Fairly balanced account, overall.

I think the Guerena family attorney is going to have fun in discovery. And I'm guessing he's probably going to wind up having a judge tell some people "You WILL supply this information or you're going to jail for contempt" to get some of it.


Phelps said...

Nah, in civil litigation they usually go for money. As in, "you will produce these documents or you will pay $25,000 a day. And after seven days of that, I will strike all of your defenses.". (That's called a "death penalty sanction" for a reason.)

Phelps said...

And you will pay all of the attorneys fees that they spent compelling these documents in the first place.

Gerry N. said...

You know, it is a crying shame that every person involved in this crime cannot be triced to a grating to receive twenty lashes of the cat every other day for a month, then be hanged in public.

Or at least have all fines and settlements paid by the miscreants, not the taxpayers hoping against hope that they wind up utterly ruined, living under bridge abutments and eating from garbage dumpsters to die an early horrific death, then left unwashed, unshriven and unburied.

You may assume that I consider those involved to be evil persons. And that I am a vindictive SOB who considers parts of the Dark Ages not to be all that dark.