Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Now we see two things:

A: how desperate Holder is to not go under oath again,
CBS News has learned a Congressional subpoena directed to Attorney General Eric Holder could go out as early as Tuesday, ordering him to appear before lawmakers and testify about when he was aware of a controversial gun smuggling operation known as Fast and Furious.
and, if he ignores/refuses it, B: if the Stupid Party people actually have the balls to act.

They'd better.

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Roger said...

The congress in general and the stupid party as part of them has stood back and allowed their power, responsibilitys, authority and dutys to be weakened, nibbled away and generally given away to the executive branch and to other appointed branches of our govt.
If the stupid party / congress, allows Holder to ignore the subpoena, they will just then have given away one more facet of their duty and responsibility.
I won't be surprised, just even more disgusted with the yapping dogs in congress than I am now.