Thursday, October 13, 2011

Considering how little the FBI probably wanted to catch the guy

you have to wonder if she'd be more endangered from them...
Yes, that's a nasty statement; if you're not familiar with this mess, here's a book that covers it; you'll understand why I wrote it. I think it was Chris at Anarchangel who wrote that the Feebs were probably hoping he'd quietly die somewhere so they'd never have to have all this stirred up again.
You know, just on general principles you'd think a media outlet would be damned careful about letting a name like this slip out; they KNOW it could get someone killed.

Some thoughts over here on the possibly Iranian-backed attack plan. He's wondering if this is being misrepresented as an Iranian government plan when actually more of a freelance operation. And he doubts it's a puffed-up thing to try and distract from Gunwalker;
No, it wouldn’t dare since such behavior would eventually be easily exposed and backfire big-time. And besides, if it were going to do such a thing it would invent a free-lance terror plot, not drag the United States into a potential confrontation with Iran, a country that it’s been trying to avoid confrontation with.
You'd think so; considering the reaction to Gunwalker being opened up bit by bit has been to lie over and over and plant faked-up stories about Issa with friendly media people, I admit to wondering if 'wouldn't dare' is in any way accurate about these people.
Might This Blow Up in the Obama’s Administration’s Face?

Absolutely yes. If they were fooled by a fabricator, if revealing the case too soon (to stave off criticism of Attorney General Holder over the gun-smuggling case) damaged the chance of success in uncovering the terrorist network, or if the government’s response is not equal to the crisis they’ve developed, then the Obama administration will look worse
No kidding.

Speaking of Gunwalker, I'm going to borrow a big piece- well, most of it- from Sipsey here:
Sources familiar with the congressional investigation into the Gunwalker Plot say that investigators are homing in on early conversations -- and meetings -- between ATF Special Agent in Charge of the Phoenix Field Division William Newell and his self-described "long-time friend," Kevin O'Reilly, a State Department employee then on the National Security Council. This is reflected, say the sources, in the subpoena issued this week by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee seeking, among other things, "All communications to or from William Newell, former Special agent in Charge for ATF's Phoenix Field Division, between . . . March 16, 2009 to March 19, 2009."

The sources also say that Newell met personally with O'Reilly during this early period in the Obama administration and they believe that Newell may have "weaponized" the desire for more better statistics on the part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and others to support the "90 Percent" meme -- that 90% of weapons seized in Mexico from the drug cartels actually came from American civilian market sources.

Newell, who the sources say was familiar with the tactic of "gun walking" from the previous failed Operation Wide Receiver in Tuscon where Newell had participated in it, probably provided the germ of the idea that "walked" weapons could be used to "boost the statistics" of weapons found at crime scenes in Mexico, in the words of an early whiistleblower in this case.

If this is true, it places Kevin O'Reilly, a State Department employee responsible to Hillary Clinton, as the critical potential witness in the early history of the Gunwalker Scandal. Sources also say that there is a "not unfounded" fear that O'Reilly, who was suddenly transferred to Iraq "to keep him from being interviewed by the committee" according to one, "will not survive the deployment
Well, Iraq's not a D.C. park, but it'd do, I suppose.
Snarky? Sure; but I do wonder how well O'Reilly's sleeping lately.

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