Monday, October 10, 2011

I'll add one thing to my Gunwalker post yesterday:

From Holder's letter:
While failing to interdict weapons is an unacceptable tactic to stop the flow of illegal weapons, it seems clear that some in Congress are more interested in using this regrettable incident to score political points than in addressing the underlying problem.
'Regrettable incident'. Two US cops- that we know of- dead, God only knows how many Mexicans total- so far- and Holder calls Fast & Furious a 'regrettable incident'.

Think about the mindset of someone who defends this horrendous mess with those words. And then uses it to claim "If you'd give us more laws and restrictions WE wouldn't have done what we did!" to try to shift blame.

Mr. Holder, the big 'underlying problem' is that bastards like you thought ALLOWING guns to be bought illegally and then smuggled into Mexico- sometimes with your help, you corrupt sack of crap- was a good thing because you could use it for political capital to try to push your political views on the country. You've got two choices: come clean and resign, or have all this dragged out a bit at a time. Either way you may well face charges, so it would be nice if you showed the integrity to own up to what you did.

But that would require integrity and honor, so I doubt you'll do it.

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Anonymous said...

"While failing to interdict weapons is an unacceptable tactic to..."

If that statement were true, I would agree with it but, this operation was not focused on allowing weapons to move across the border. This operation took an active roll to put the weapons into the hands of the smugglers to begin with. Then took a passive role rather than interdicting the movement across the border.

Has anyone taken a look at the active involvement of the DOJ in paying off the border agents at the Mexican customs checkpoints? I think the investigation into this operation is still just beginning to uncover the complexity, and depth of the activities.