Sunday, August 07, 2011

Alphecca has more on the UN gun treaty, which includes

another means of registration by the back door AND trying to make things too expensive for people to deal with:
An especially costly potential regulation discussed at the conference last month would require gun makers to engrave sequential tracings on every one of some 3 billion bullets produced in the U.S. each year.Link

And that, [a gun manufacturer representative] said, would make guns more expensive for everyone.

“Manufacturers would have to pass on the cost to civilian customers.” Another controversial part of the treaty draft establishes a compensation fund for victims of gun violence, which would transfer money from countries that export weapons to countries that had suffered gun violence
Not just manufacturers; every store that sells ammo would have to maintain logs of every box and who it was sold to; paperwork and time costs. As to that money transfer... Ah, 'social justice' by a different name. Chances they'd actually enforce this against, say, North Korea? 0. Chances of trying to force us? 100%. Because there's not a chance they'd actually try to get money from, say Belgium for Germany because some clown in G used a gun made in F to commit a crime; this is one more bit of 'you have succeeded so you owe the world' crap from the socialists at the UN and all their little friends.

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Anonymous said...

Cool - shortly a (pre-marked)ammo stash will be worth more then a gold/silver stash.