Sunday, August 07, 2011

The lady has some things to say to the politicians,

the one in the Oval Office in particular:

Democrats seem to make a habit lately of threatening reporters who report facts the Democrats don't like:
In the process of that article, noted two things:
  1. Wisconsin reportedly added 9,500 jobs in June. This is technically the same number as half the net jobs created nationwide in the US (direct comparisons are really sort of… imprecise).
  2. And that Zielinski was – in the process of using language that, while not actually profane, was not exactly professional – touting Illinois’s job-creation credentials, despite the fact that Illinois reportedly lost a net 18,900 jobs in June.
So far, so… not really that much of a thing, is it? Certainly not something that would spark a threat of going after press credentials. At least, not something that would spark a threat that would be made by normal people.

Alas, it would seem that the Democratic party is undergoing a good deal of stress lately (Glenn Reynolds [H/T] calls it ‘cracking up’, which sounds about right); because Zielinski went, to be charitable about it, a little crazy at this point. After castigating the author of the piece and complaining that the original article made him and his party “look even smaller” in the process, Graeme Zielinski went on to demonstrate that he was capable of making him and his party look smaller all on his own, via a direct threat:
Full threat at the link.

On the theme that "Women do not lie about sexual assault!", one more piece of evidence that that's a crock:
"The alleged victim stated to the deputies that her 26-year-old male friend had sexually assaulted her," the report says.

Fair enough, and with that friend standing in the same apartment, no big manhunt needed.

Not so fast: "Upon further investigation the deputies watched a video recording the male had made that showed the female telling him that she was calling the police because he was making her leave the apartment and she would tell the police he assaulted her."

In case you're not aware, a second video of the Pride of Canton PD, Officer Harless, acting in unprofessional ways has surfaced; some professional thoughts on the videos and what's probably going through the CoP's mind over at Confederate Yankee.

It's noted that the crash of the chopper full of SEALs could possibly be one of the consequences of VP Biden being a loudmouthed fool.

That's about all the news I can deal with this morning. See you later.

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Windy Wilson said...

1. Of course, depending on the state law, that subhuman known as a man might be in a world of legal hurt for videotaping someone without her knowledge and consent.

2. Only half-wits never lie. Is that what feminists think of their constituency?
Even 4 year olds learn what words will get them into trouble and what words might get them out of trouble.
And another thing. Women have never noticed that other women lie to them?