Thursday, December 30, 2010

So there was bullcrap on 'cop-killer bullets' way back

in the '30's. Wonderful. And another reason to not be real fond of Hoover.


Keith said...

Fairbairn wrote that news of a crimminal with a 7.63 x 25 mauser, sent his cops in Pre jap invasion Shanghai scrambling for body armour.

I forget what year Borchardt introduced the round, and Mauser was selling it with FMJ and hollowpoint in time for Churchill to have to quietly dump his hollowpoint when the Boers captured him. They'd have shot him there and then if they'd found it on him.

Wasn't Hoover a transvestite?

Keith said...

Just a thought when I was eating my dinner...

The good old .32-20 has an interesting performance, and was available long before the .357 mag was getting Hoover's lacey panties into a knot.