Friday, December 31, 2010

The Lee County Board of Education is in dire need

of a personnel change. After said personnel are dosed with tar and feathers. Just for this bit alone:
When the discussion arose about the Smithwicks providing a written release, the Superintendent said that he would not, in their place, give a release to the press, because he would not want the press to be rooting around in his child’s records. That struck me as an implied threat. Don’t sign a release, or we’ll plaster every little detail of her records all over the news.
When bureaucrats start this kind of crap, it's time to change them for the same reason you toss the diaper from the baby with diarrhea.

I hope her parents blew a gasket and called the lawyers in; that may be the only thing that will get through to these idiots.

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

Thanks for the link. Have you seen the latest?

looks like there wasn't even a law broken. Despite what the DA says. Video at the link