Monday, December 27, 2010

Two people now talking about running for President

to whom I say "Hell NO!" Among other things. Newt Gingrich and the senior Senator from Arizona.

Gingrich, for having that commercial with Pelosi on AGW and various other things, no. HELL no. Gingrich, if you run you're screwing the Stupid Party and conservatives just to stroke your ego.

McCain, you not only ran a lousy campaign last time, but you've proven we can't trust you. And we don't. Only reason you'd run again is that you, for some reason, think it's OWED to you to be President, or it's your turn or something. No damned way you'd get my vote.


Titan Mk6B said...

I say no to Newt and McCain. Hell, McCain is the reason we have obama in the first place.

Anonymous said...

I have voted, against my better judgment, for the lesser of the two evils for the last time! If McCain or Gingrich or Romney or any other RINO is the stupid party candidate, I'll stay home and reorganize my ammo.

If my vote is important to anybody, there will be a true conservative for me to vote for. If not, I have more important things to do on election day.


BobG said...

Pat Paulsen is looking better all the time.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget Sen. McCain's behavior after the 2000 election, and his failure to secure the Republican nomination.