Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Another "The 1911 sucks" post is noted

by Uncle(no, not linking to the specific). The usual "Only reliable if you invest in a gunsmith and lots of parts", "Old design with lots of problems", etc.

My only statement on this:
You don't like the 1911? Don't carry one. And, put bluntly, piss off; I hate those posts.


Retardo said...

For people deciding what their first pistol is going to be, those posts have real value. No beginner should start out with a 1911 unless he's got somebody experienced and trustworthy selling or bequeathing him a gun known to be reliable. I've seen some faultlessly reliable 1911s, true, and guns like that are a joy to shoot -- but the guys who own them usually have stories about the hassle they went through getting them to work that well.

The average new shooter is much better off with a modern pistol that will feed and extract reliably out of the box. Reliable modern pistols are cheaper, too. New shooters deserve a chance to learn this stuff before they spend the money.

1911s are for experienced shooters who know what they're getting into. Of course they're bored with the subject. But it's not for their benefit.

Firehand said...

And yet I've seen pistol after pistol that worked perfectly from the first, feeds everything except semi-wadcutters and works trouble-free for years.

As to the 'you need tools' mess, on my Compact, because there's no barrel bushing, you need a bent wire for takedown; for any with a bushing, unless it's been made match-tight(hard-fitted I believe the term is), no tools needed.

1911's aren't for everyone; neither are Glocks and revolvers. I'm sick of the 'always need gunsmithing', 'always need new parts' stuff.

GuardDuck said...

unless it's been made match-tight(hard-fitted I believe the term is), no tools needed.

Oh, and unless somebody decided hex head grip screws looked cooler than the slot heads you can unscrew using your non base-pad equipped magazine floor plate.

BobG said...

Never had a problem with my Springfield 1911; whatever works for a particular person is the best handgun for them.

Sigivald said...

Yeah, I have an old Norinco 1991A1 (which I got new, ages ago when you could still import them).

It's always worked flawlessly (with FMJ, of course - expecting an A1 to work with radical hollowpoints is user error).

Yeah, it's not tight like a racegun. Yeah, it's not as accurate as one.

But it's reliable, and accurate enough.