Thursday, December 30, 2010

So Rachel Stewart is an official lying journalist

“Sitting down for dinner at any Texan diner, in my experience, often involves guns,” Rachel Stewart of the Tarnaki Daily News (New Zealand) informs her readers.

I can't recall the exact number of times I have eaten a meal in the immediate company of a man, or men, with shooters on their hips in plain view. For me, I am always equal parts spellbound and queasy.

Spellbound because there is something so fundamentally cowboy and western about it. Guns, freedom, country music and the Second Amendment. It is Texas after all. Yeeha!

Try to recall the exact number, Ms. Stewart. Because funny thing about Texas, besides that “Yeeha!” stereotype you ridicule them with. From Open

Texas is not a traditional open carry state. They also do not allow open carry, or even printing, by those who have a concealed carry permit.

And from NRA-ILA’s “Firearms Laws for Texas”:

It is unlawful to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly carry on or about one’s person a handgun in a motor vehicle if the handgun is in plain view

Whole piece here


Mattexian said...

I wish Texas was an Open-carry place, as I could go with the original holsters my surplus CZ pistols came with, instead of trying to hunt down a concealable carrier that fits. Since they're leather, they'd fit in nicely while riding my horse and checking my oil wells, since we're going with foreign stereotypes of Texas. Heck, it's been a while since I've seen anyone driving around with a rifle or shotgun in the back window of their pickup (sadly, too much risk of vehicle burglary, nowadays).

Mattexian said...

After reading the piece, what struck me most, was that she was going on and on about the recent case of the fool shooting up the school board meeting in Florida, not Texas. Frankly, the only folks I've seen openly carrying in Texas, usually had a shiny badge accompanying their sidearm.

Anonymous said...

Just another ignorant, lying, socialist, journoc***. What's the big suprise?

Anonymous said...

However, I am wondering why Codrea would cite the Texas law on motor vehicle carry when the subject was alleged open carry in restaurants. Even in Texas, people often get out of their car to eat at a table.

Unfortunately, the NRA site Codrea used as a reference is badly written and doesn't clearly give the Texas law on carrying on one's person in one piece. In one place, it says it's an offense to carry a handgun except on your property, between your property and your car, and concealed in your car. In another place - in partial contradiction to the first paragraph - it says it's legal to carry concealed with a license, but it must be really concealed. You have to search for any more exceptions before concluding that, because it doesn't say otherwise, apparently it is illegal to take your pistol out of the glove box and strap it on your hip in plain sight to go into a restaurant.

Firehand said...

Living next to TX, I do know that they're the same as OK: open carry is not legal. Unfortunately. Would make things a lot easier at times if it was.