Monday, December 27, 2010

And the squawk of the True Believer is heard in the land

Over here, in an article on the AGW bullcrap, there's this comment:
Ever since then, all the floods,volcanic eruptions, precipitation,quakes,anomolies have increased between 350 -4000 %. Also the jet stream and ocean conveyor belts have been destroyed.
So there you have it: Man-Caused Globular Warmering also causes earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and anomalies(?) AND has destroyed the jet stream and-

I can't go on, the level of stupid is just too much.


KurtP said...

Don't forget that the Gulf Horizon also stopped the gulf stream- That's why this winter has been so bad.

Sigivald said...

It's awesome how people confuse "a scientist said that he thinks maybe X might eventually possibly happen in some circumstance which might include Y" with "X has happened because Y".