Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Oh HELL yeah!

The warning to Republicans
Either act like adults charged with the responsible management of this country, instead of drunken teenagers with mom’s credit card, or we will un-elect you at the first opportunity.

Have a nice day.

And remember: when you vote against him, the Lightworker gets pissed off and progressives shed brain cells
So get out there and VOTE

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Luton Ian said...

Looks like the stoopid party are now exactly where the evil party wants them.

You know that cute cuddly puppy Dear Leader promised you?

Well, it's the Stoopid party that are now preventing you from getting it.

They've sold it to an evil corporation that will torture it by testing drugs for rich white folks on it.

And that million bucks and hollywood lifestyle Dear leader promised you?

Well, they've stolen that too, for themselves.

In short, the fight for 2012 has only just begun.