Friday, November 05, 2010

The outrage came to light

at the training base when civilian MoD cops ran a practical training session on what to do if Afghan police found a missing child. The Brits were shocked not one officer went to calm a child in the session - until recruits told them of the sick trick of using tiny tots as triggers.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?
TWISTED Taliban killers used a TWO-YEAR-OLD girl as the trigger for a bomb which killed her and five Afghan police, The Sun can reveal.

The terrorists stood the frightened toddler on the device and ordered her not to move.

Worried Afghan National Police raced to help the screaming child and when they picked her up to comfort her the bomb detonated. As well as claiming six lives the blast also injured a bystander.


Alan J. said...

I can't remember the book that I read this quote in, but it certainly applies to these Taliban POS's. "Gentlemen, it seems that we are fighting opponents that are more worthy of dying by the rope rather than the sword!" The other applicable quote would be from Eric Flint's 1632, "Haakaa Paalle," Finnish for "Hack them down!"

RobC said...

They are blight on mankind... anyone that calls them "freedom fighters" needs to be re-educated.
Something I wrote many moons ago;
The Tattered Tree

The smell of Semtex frightens even the vultures.
The horror of shreds of bone and sinew hang in the tattered trees.
Inglorious, unjust, incomprehensible inhumanity.
How can one justify gaining freedom by making victims
out of the very people you claim to be standing for?

Time is supposed to fade the memory,
but today it seared my mind again just like that day!
Today another tribe is claiming to be a savior,
more evil than before they slaughter kith and kin.
They claim to be of divine ordination.

When will those blinded by worldly rights become aware...
that the condescending stance is but a weakness in the eyes of
those that contemplate the downfall of the very freedom that these rights ensconce?
That these rights are used as weapons to tear themselves asunder.

How many more of these tattered trees must humanity endure?
What must be done for peace to endure?
Then I remember another tattered Tree with it's unbearable load.
That's when I sink to my knees and pray...