Friday, November 05, 2010

Why yes, Mr. Codrea, I will pass along a demonstration of the Philadelphia PD

being heavy-handed jerks who either need time on the ground and retraining in their duties, or new jobs.

And please take note of this from Sgt. Ray Evers, and arrogant bastard who should be demoted. At least.
"The gun has been taken because when you go through the process of arrest, we have the right to take your gun and secure it and you have to fight to get it back," he said. "If the cops tell you to move four times and you don't move, what do you expect?"
I'd expect you to OBEY THE LAW YOU SWORE TO UPHOLD, you miserable excuse for a lawman; THAT'S what I would expect.

But apparently police in Philadelphia aren't concerned about little things like that.

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