Friday, July 02, 2010

Well, today's just full of stuff to take note of

How did four Supreme Court justices wind up arguing against the Constitution?
Sullum notes that Stevens argued that firearms have a “fundamentally ambivalent relationship to liberty,” which is amazing from a jurist supposedly working within the Constitution. The document itself recognizes that a free people have the right to self-defense by owning firearms, an explicit rejection of any such ambivalence. In fact, they found the connection between gun ownership and liberty so unproblematic that they guaranteed the right of the people to keep and bear arms in the second explicit statement of uninfringeable individual liberties in the Constitution
Because they're not just concerned with interpreting the law: they're concerned with using it as a club to force people into the 'proper' ways of living. And thus should be reminded of their proper job, or thrown out of the court entirely.
The decision reveals a fundamental antipathy on the part of liberal jurists to the clear language of the Constitution. While we celebrate the fact that five Justices got it right, we should be very worried that the other four still would rather search for penumbras and emanations for their own idea of social engineering than in actually reading the clear text of the document they swore to uphold.
Seems their word isn't worth crap if it stands in the way of what they want to push people into.

Richard the Turd admits he couldn't get away with it. Which is amazing.
Mayor Daley today backed off his plan to limit Chicagoans to one handgun — and dropped the idea of requiring liability insurance — in a watered-down replacement to Chicago’s “unenforceable” handgun ban.

The mayor’s ordinance — approved by the City Council’s Police Committee and poised for approval by the full council at a special meeting on Friday — was considerably weaker than Daley and top mayoral aides had initially described.

Instead of limiting possession to one handgun for every qualified person living in a home, it allows those persons to each register “one handgun-per-month.”

Little bastards just can't STAND the idea of people doing something they don't like, can they?

Afshan Azad, who has appeared in four of the films as one of the wizard’s screen girlfriends Padma Patil, hails from a strict Muslim family.

She was allegedly attacked at her parents’ home ­after she had started dating the new lad.

Her dad Abdul, 54, has appeared in court accused of threatening to kill her. The actress’s brother Ashraf, 28, faces the same charge and an allegation that he assaulted her causing actual bodily harm
She's lucky; she's alive, as opposed to the police trying half-heartedly to find a missing person(i.e. 'body') a few months after her disappearance.

President Obama made a speech yesterday on the subject of immigration, and did the usual Democrat crap of equating illegal immigration with legal, declaring wanting to secure the borders 'racist' and so forth. The Governor of AZ was not impressed, to put it lightly.

If you missed it, a lawyer who used to work for the Justice Dept. came out and said the Department dropped the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers purely for racial and political reasons. And, like a number of other cases recently, the major media has fallen on its face again in not doing their damned job. Which is why
A: They're going down the toilet and
B: Some feds are downright frantic to 'save' them; they know who their friends are and want to pay them off.

The NRA finally comes out and says Kagan is a threat to the 2nd Amendment. Well, duh, guys.

Friend of mine got me started watching Burn Notice when I can; seems two of the stars made a trip to Iraq, even more reason to like it.

Hey, Grahamnesty, the tea party will be around long after your sorry RINO ass is gone. Screw you.

On a more happy note, I tend to want one of these. It's one of those "I'm not sure why, but I do!" things.

The Toronto Police demonstrate that they're full of crap. Again. It's not just that they made a mistake with this guy and his stuff, it's the "Let's pile up EVERYTHING even if it's not related so it'll look more impressive!" idiocy.

ChicagoDetroit is well and truly effed. For a friggin' museum to find a actual physical piece of history like this, and decide to SELL IT?!? Effing amazing.(correction on city, thanks Tam)

"To ask internet cafes to spy on their customers and students is another step in the direction of creating a society of total surveillance," said Mr Kundnani.

"What is dangerous about this initiative is that it does not just focus on preventing access to illegal material but also material that is defined as 'extremist' without offering an objective definition of what that is.

"It thus potentially criminalises people for accessing material that is legal but which expresses religious and political opinions that police officers find unacceptable
Hey, seems that's primarily what British Police do nowadays, along with harassing photographers and pushing them down stairs for asking questions.

As for me, I shall now gather up some things and head out; test-firing to do and a last bit of grocery stuff to pick up before the mobs arrive(I hope).


Arthur said...

"Little bastards just can't STAND the idea of people doing something they don't like, can they?"

More to the point - If you spend every waking moment of your life poking a bear with a stick you might become concerned if you find out that the bears claws will no longer be clipped or its teeth pulled.

Tam said...

Detroit. It's Detroit that's selling the Custer guidon.

And, FWIW, it's not so much that they "found" it; they know they've had it, they just haven't displayed it in eons. Apparently they started out as a more general museum, but now, as an arts museum, it doesn't really fit in with the collection.

And don't worry, the guidon ain't going anywhere; the winning bidder at Sotheby's will probably be the Smithsonian, so you're buying it (or at least 1/300,000,000th of it.)

Firehand said...

I stand corrected. I get rushed and pissed and don't pay quite enough attention.

Yeah, isn't it wonderful that one taxpayer-supported institution will buy it from another?

Tam said...

"Yeah, isn't it wonderful that one taxpayer-supported institution will buy it from another?"

With a fat kickback from the auction house to the DIA board, no doubt. ;)