Thursday, July 01, 2010

Og's talking about a post Joanna put up

on men and porn, and the argument is ongoing. I'll let you read up on it, I'm staying out of this except for one comment:
Depends on the definition of 'porn'. I used to know a lady who considered the Tequila Fairy somewhat pornographic, and another who thought nudity just fine, but a picture of a woman in scanty attire holding a gun was downright dirty and disgusting and porn.

(damn, that was easy to find!)
When the definitions being worked with are so variable, makes it difficult to argue the point. If 'porn' is the actual point.


martywd said...

Hmmmmmm... P0rn?   All I see is a 'Rule# 3' violation!   ;-)

SHARON said...

Nice car!

Firehand said...

Isn't it though? LOVE those classic lines.

Keith said...

She'd have less chance of catching hot brass if she took some of those strappy things off..

Tam said...

My first thought was "Get your &^*$%#@ booger-hook off the %^#@*%# bang switch!"

"Pornography", like "Art" is one of those Hard-to-define-but-I-know-it-when-I-see-it.

For example, the above picture, while extremely cheesy, is not overtly sexual. It's just an underdressed chick holding a gun incompetently while making a silly face as though she were enjoying herself.

Firehand said...

I think she's supposed to be blowing smoke from the muzzle. Yeah, 'cheesy' does seem to cover it.

But for some reason I find it attractive. Art is strange, isn't it?

GuardDuck said...

As a bit of a photographer I can't call it 'art' - the lens clicker didn't even put enough effort into the shot to ensure that his crew isn't showing up in the reflection of the cars paint.

Shame, you scout out a nice pseudo post-apocalyptic location (close to L.A. of course), add in a borrowed roadster for a bit of Mad Max feel, rent a live action barbie doll and dress her in some gothy beyond thunderdome kit and finish it of with a "big blingie gun".

Teen bait formula followed. Professional portfolio failed.

Tam said...


"But for some reason I find it attractive. Art is strange, isn't it?"

Hey, it's a free country. :)

Besides, I'm just being cynical, not hypocritical; I've spent my share of time in awkward poses in front of a camera, after all.


Yup. And in the era of Photoshop, that's just slack. :D

Firehand said...

'awkward poses'...

The mind boggles

Windy Wilson said...

Everything nowadays is described as "an addiction", or "porn". Internet sites that discuss firearms even refer to "gun porn", that is pictures of firearms essentially taken from catalogs. The same is true for automobiles and boats and airplanes. There are even some who term romance novels and chick flicks as "porn for women". When the term has undergone such dilution, if everything is "porn", realistically, how can anything be?