Friday, July 02, 2010

If you had any doubts what kind of slimeball Mayor Daley is,

go read this. One short excerpt:
Since 2003 the city has paid some $7 million in legal fees to fight five police torture lawsuits it probably can't win. The latest turn in this saga involves a secret settlement agreement designed to protect Daley.
Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind here is that all this money--our money--is being spent on cases in which the city's prospects seem dim at best. The mayor himself has admitted there was torture at Area Two; the city's Law Department admitted it more than ten years ago. Consider that from the first day the suits were filed, everyone has known that Jon Burge--a defendant in all the cases--would be called as a witness. Burge, now living in Florida on his police pension, has escaped indictment in part because state prosecutors maintain that the statute of limitations on his offenses has expired and in part because when the statute clock was ticking, the state's attorney's office, under Daley and his successors, looked the other way
This is one aspect of His Sliminess. Who has a constant police bodyguard and doesn't trust the peasants he rules over to own arms, and since he can no longer prevent the peasants from owning, wants it to be as difficult and expensive as possible to have one.

'Slimy' doesn't really cover him, does it?

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