Thursday, July 01, 2010

There are reasons people refer to Chicago's mayor as Richard the Turd

After spending two years fighting a legal battle that was clearly futile from the start, he didn't take the defeat graciously. He resentfully acknowledged his obligation to abide by the Second Amendment while pledging new shackles for those unwilling to depend entirely on 911 for home security.

The mayor is expected to demand registration of all handguns, mandatory training for gun owners and a limit of one handgun per person. This last novel idea comes from Corporation Counsel Mara Georges, who according to the Associated Press "says the court ruled people can have a gun for protection, but didn't say they're allowed more than one."
So they're going to do(I imagine Nanny Bloomberg in NYEffin'C will also) the same thing DC tried: make it as difficult and expensive as possible for anyone to qualify. As I recall that got DC sued again, and they lost that one too; after spending a bunch of other people's money on court costs. Daley is going to do the same because
A: He's an arrogant, corrupt bastard who can't stand being told he can't do what he wants, and
B: It's other people's money he'll be spending and other people's lives he's endangering, so he doesn't give a damn.

These people are too nasty for a good rope; they deserve something as stiff, prickly and nasty as possible.


Unknown said...

   'Richard the Turd'
Without a doubt no one, but Mayor Daley, could be more deserving of that title.

Keith said...


First step leading to confiscation, and a whole lot of other unwholesome bad things.

ah yes your application has been delayed / lost / unsuccessful, we think you owe us back taxes, or we think you've infringed some petty rule so you are being put to one side until that is (never) resolved...

What is that saying about polishing a turd?

There are guys who keep popping up in Blog comments and on message boards who say they have collections of "Illegal" guns in those jurisdictions - sounds like there may be more and more of them coming allong.

K said...


Britain's version of internet viewer supervision: