Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the 'surveillance cameras to check insurance(and gather

information on you for mining/sale) mess, the Speaker of the House doesn't want to talk about it:
House Speaker Chris Benge has refused to answer questions posed by The McCarville Report Online about Governor Henry's plan to install highway traffic cameras to catch vehicle owners without the required insurance.

Benge's spokeswoman, Jennifer Monies, responded to TMRO's repeated questions today with, "I am sorry, but the Speaker does not have a comment on either question."
Well, he damn well needs to have some; he's supposed to be a public servant, not a private citizen talking about personal matters.

Further note on the crap going on here, here. In the second we find this:
"Brad Henry is not even involved in this," Switzer told The Oklahoman's Randy Ellis despite the fact that the entire purpose of the Meacham meeting was for Switzer and others to advocate the InsureNet system to spot vehicle insurance scofflaws for inclusion in Henry's budget. It was included as a revenue measure by Henry after Meacham's meeting with Switzer; bids have been taken by the Department of Central Services but a contract has not yet been awarded.
In a pig's backside the governor wasn't involved; he had to know something about it to 'include it as a revenue measure'.

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