Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hey, Moron O'Donnell, if you need more convincing,

Turns out, the Jews in Israel are already there.

JEWS were expelled from what is now Israel in roughly the sixth century BC and again in the second century AD. Though the population scattered to all corners of the globe, a religious and traditional connection to Israel remained in the Diaspora.

But skeptics have long questioned whether the people who daven in Brooklyn have any real ancestral link to those early Jewish people.

The studies, then, are like a genetic coat of arms.

“It seems that most Jewish populations, and therefore most Jewish individuals, are closer to each other [at the genetic level], and closer to the Middle Eastern populations, than to their traditional host population in the Diaspora,” Israeli geneticist Doron Behar, author of the Nature study, told the BBC.

This was already known from histories, but here's you some actual genetic evidence. So shut the hell up.

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