Monday, June 14, 2010

About the days weather,

Marty pointed to this picture.

You can see where the storms were developing southwest of here, one after another, and training over the same ground. For hours. One area northeast of me a few miles got a measured 11"; my area about 7-8". Still sprinkling off & on, but- very happily- the stuff ran off fairly quickly in most areas.

I stand corrected: now it's raining fairly hard.

Long time ago, when dad was stationed in northern OK, I remember a day & night that has the same feel as this. I remember Mom was worried as hell because Dad was out in it doing search & rescue work. The National Guard had brought a bunch of deuce-and-a-halfs out for assistance, but some of the roads even those couldn't get through; a lot of farm families spent the night in the upper story of the house, or on the roof or in the loft in the barn.

The heavy stuff has currently stopped, though I still hear thunder.

Dad was worried about the sheriff; he had a bad habit of finding out someone was in trouble and diving in without thinking through the risks, and in this case that might be 'diving in' literally and fatally. But they got through the night with nobody dead. Couple of people wound up spending the night in a tree after they tried to drive across a flooded bridge, but nobody dead as I recall. That was the first time I got a lesson about what moving water could do; a guy tried to drive a semi over a bridge with about 18" or so of fast-moving water over it and it washed the tractor and trailer off; can't remember if he was one who spent the night on top of the vehicle when it got stuck, or if he's one that made it into a tree.

In any case, this day was quite wet enough for anybody.

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