Saturday, March 28, 2009

There are reasons some products stay around

A short time ago son transferred from his old unit to a new unit at a base in the southwestern US. He's been settling in there, and the other day I got a call that brought the title of this piece to mind.

They'd been on the range and, this being a new rifle that hadn't had the Microlon treatment, it was going to be the usual M16 bitch to clean. So he went into town and bought a bottle of Hoppes #9. Then, while everyone else was scrubbing away he left the bolt sitting in the stuff for a while.

"What the hell you doing?"

"Just give it a couple of minutes."

Couple of minutes later he pulled it out, shook off the excess and wiped off the fouling everyone else was scrubbing at. Long pause.
"Where do we get that stuff? You got more?"

I snickered and said "Yeah, there's a reason Hoppes has been around so long."


Haji said...

Hell yeah. I use Hoppe's #9 as an aftershave from time to time.

Old NFO said...

Yep, pretty much works EVERY time... :-)

Gauge said...

Haji, now that is a good one.

And Firehand, you're right, there's a reason Hoppes has been around so long. It's very good stuff.