Sunday, January 25, 2009

I would like to know what kind of chickenshit, miserable little

bureaucrat, in or out of uniform, thought this was a good idea?
There are only 26 surviving members of the Alaska Territorial Guard, a unit composed of mostly Native militiamen which was established to guard the territory of Alaska from the threat of Japanese attack during World War II. The militia was deemed necessary because Japan had made incursions into the Aleutians and occupied some of the islands in 1942.

Now the Army, in its bureaucratic wisdom, has decided to cut off retirement pay for these patriots, most of them now in their eighties. They stand to lose as much as $557 in monthly retirement pay at the end of this month. Another 37 of the militiamen have had their applications for retirement pay suspended

There's speculation that this could be tied to the Obama administration starting to take hits at Alaska and Palin; I have no idea. And I don't really care right now if it's political there, or some lawyer-in-uniform's idea, or a combination; whoever decided this...

If it does turn out to be someone in the Administration's idea, they should be horsewhipped. Then tarred and feathered. General political bullshit is bad enough, someone using the power of an office to punish people because they didn't fall into line should be considered grounds for removal from office. Preferably involving a rope.


Anonymous said...

No, make that "Ropes & four horses."

Anonymous said...

Kinda makes me wonder if I need to find a new career to take me into my golden years. Any guesses as to how long it'll take them to decide retired military people don't need pensions, either?
CPO(SS), USN (Ret.)

Anonymous said...

Well, these are the people who belive in supporting out troops and nothing is too good for our boys in uniform, so nothing is what they'll get!
I agree, this is a low blow, and what other promises will they summarily eliminate (without any reduction in taxes, of course).