Thursday, January 29, 2009

People have written that they don't know how people like Michelle Malkin

can stand the crap they put up with. Prime examples:
Michelle Malkin,

Reading through your articles on your blog indicates hate, bitterness, envy, pettiness and a deranged woman. Even your appearance on Fox News, shows you are a troubled woman from the glint in your eyes and tightening at the corners of your lips. My advice: Slow down on Obama’s presidency, as you nor other rightwing bigots can not change the course of history, as you are terribly ill-equipped intellectually.

From Antonio Simmons:
U are a BITCH and need to go back where your parents are from and stop tryin to rain on our parade!!!! MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK BITCH!!!!!

From Tabatha Jones:
You are the stupidest BITCH in the world, how can you talk about minorities like you do. What make you think that white people like your dog eating ass. They just tolerate you because you are always talking about Obama. BITCH President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama has more class in their little finger then you have in your whole entire body. RESPECT YOUR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!
And so on.

It seems the worshippers of President The Obama, and a lot of nutcase leftists in general, just cannot stand a woman who fits into a minority group not being one of them; especially when the points out things like this. Which leads to garbage like the 'privacy' advocates publishing her address and phone numbers, and so on, for daring to piss them off.

Leftists. They're who need medication.

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Anthony said...

This is why I most times refuse to debate with liberals. They almost never debate with facts. Typical MO's are to slander or call names, or throw up numerous straw men, or bring up spurious points that have nothing to do with the subject of the debate.

Most times, you might as well debate a 3yr old on the relative health merits of eating brussels sprouts. You will get the same results most of the time.