Friday, January 30, 2009

Dammit, I can't find a new sticker

Before some moron broke the rear window, I had a nice, oval Molon Labe sticker. I'd thought Life, Liberty, etc. was where I got it; but if it was, they don't have them anymore. They do have the Peace through Superior Firepower stickers, but not the other.

Anyone know where I can find them?


Anonymous said...

Is this it:

Firehand said...

Pretty close, but mine was black with white letters. And I can't find one like it anywhere.

LibertyNews said...

How about this:

I just added these, I haven't printed any yet, but they should look great.

evan price said...

Regarding your stickers: I am a member of Ohioans for Concealed Carry and a forum Moderator. One of our members (Archer Ace) makes and sells the oval MOLON LABE stickers. Please go over and check out his ads in the Marketplace or else give him a PM. He's in Toledo, OH.

Sincerely, Evan Price

Firehand said...

Liberty, that's almost exactly like my old one, let me know when they're printed.

Evan, I didn't see the Marketplace; do you have to be signed in?

LibertyNews said...

You can order them from CafePress right now if you want, I just ordered a T-Shirt and a 10-pack of stickers. I'll let you know how they look when I get them (hopefully sometime this week).