Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So we've got a tax cheat writing our tax laws, a tax cheat

and liar now in charge of the Treasury, a terrorist-pardoning liar with a contempt for non-PC parts of the Constitution who'll probably become Attorney General... Effing wonderful.

On the other side, Republicans in the House refused to give Obama and the Democrat Party cover and ALL voted against the New Pork, Payoffs & Bribes Stimulus Bill. I guess enough people finally screamed and threatened and said "We said NO, DAMMIT!" enough to get even the attention of the Stupid Party. To borrow a line, "And whales do too have wings."

There's a call for a new tea party. Personally, I still lean toward a box with tar, feathers and a rail. Or that stall on the Mall selling lengths of pre-stretched hemp rope and noose instructions.

How Much I Support Our President:
1. I support him as much as Code Pink supports our troops.
2. I support him as much as N.O.W. supports Ayaan Hirsi Ali.
3. I support him as much as the Hollywood community supported Theo Van Gogh.
4. I support him as much as Nancy Pelosi supports the Catholic Church’s teachings on life.
5. I support him as much as Al Gore supports cutting down on his personal carbon footprint to save the world.
6. I support him as much as John Edwards supports The National Enquirer’s right to publish pictures of his girlfriend and baby.
7. I support him as much as Western gay rights groups support Mehdi Kazemi.
8. I support him as much as the Castro brothers support Oscar Biscet’s right to free speech.
9. I support him as much as Ted Kennedy supports renewable wind energy off the coast of his summer mansion
There's twelve total.

Obama I(or would Obama be Carter II?) is still the terrorist suckup he's always been.

And on a happy note, the 7.62x54r brass and bullet lube came in today; therefore, there is shooty goodness in the future.

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