Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weather, and a couple of new links

on the sidebar. First, there's a lot of ice in the eastern/southeast part of the state, but remarkably few power outages; I think the ice storms the past couple of years took down a lot of the limbs/old lines that were potential problems, and people did a LOT of pruning/cutting down on trees that might threaten lines in the future; so a lot less outages than would otherwise be the case.

In the post on the creepy "We are your servants" oath to Obama, BobG noted "First time I heard someone give an oath of fealty given." Which is exactly right. And a pretty wrong thing to be giving to a damn politician.

New links: Dinah Lord, keeping an eye on the islamists, and Closing Velocity, keeping track of missile defense developments.

Oh, and Bill Ayers is still a liar, a murderer and a miserable douche; that this bastard has been training teachers should scare hell out of you.

And, do you feel like a chump for following the damn rules?

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