Saturday, September 06, 2008

Just some assorted thoughts

Spent part of the last couple of days reading the various reactions to Sarah Palin’s speech. Abso-friggin’-lutely amazing. Both the level of downright hate(in some cases) and the way some of these clowns actually despise and want to destroy this woman. AND her family, since if they hurt her family bad enough then maybe she’ll go away and stop threatening the Ascension of The Obama. Everything from Barack That Woman Troubles Me Obama whining that ‘she used Bush’s speechwriter(she used a speechwriter! Who ever HEARD of such a thing?) to the Professional Triple-Layered Edited Major Media displaying personal bias that’s damn near breathtaking.

I find it interesting to note that the same people hyperventilating and having to change their diapers over the thought of this, this woman threatening their beloved Fearless Leader, are largely the same people who have fits and horrors at the idea of members of thr masses owning firearms. So her stand on that subject makes her even more of a object of terror and loathing than her others already do. Amazing the level of fear an object- or someone who owns and uses such- can arouse.

One thing I stopped believing about dogs a long time ago was the “You must have a freshly-washed water bowl filled with clean fresh water at least once a day.” Plenty of water, sure. Clean the bowl out, yes. Must be washed out at least once a day, bullcrap. We’re talking about a critter that will ignore the fresh water to walk across the yard and drink out of the birdbath; they’re not exactly picky as long as it’s wet and there’s plenty of it.

Back when I first started forging I had a crisper drawer from a refrigerator- an enameled one- under the forge as a slack tub. Leaves floating in it, scale from quenching on the bottom, etc., and the dogs would make a trip across the yard, passing their water bowl on the way, to drink out of it.

Good food, surely. But don’t forget that a highly-pampered lapdog will happily dig up something buried for a while to season and eat it. That he might throw it up on the designer couch later doesn’t change the fact that he’ll see it as a delightful treat.

Moldy bone: it’s what’s for dinner.

I haven't been able to hit the range again as yet for more fun with the laser grips. I have been doing dry-fire practice, and in a dim room I like them more and more.

It seems Ann & Nancy Wilson, the sisters who started Heart and did the song Barracuda are royally pissed at the Stupid Party- and probably everyone on talk radio- for using the song for Sarah Palin's theme(once her nickname came out, I heard that song more than I had in years). Doesn't surprise me; they are musicians in a rock band from Seattle- but, I admit, a little disappointed.

Steve has been breathlessly following reports of the Cone of Death on Hurricane Ike, wondering if inconvenience shall strike him. Of course, with hurricane's 'inconvenience' can include no power for long periods, no roof, flooding, etc. Like a tornado many miles wide coming through. And no power in Florida in September would not be fun. To say the least.

Oh, boy, UhBama has lost it. Just like you keep hearing people talking about Bush, who's not running, Barack Dammit This Woman Is Scary UhBama is attacking Palin. And on grounds he's not exactly in a good position to be whining about. Ace lists The Obama's Chicago Way:
You wanna know how to get McCain? They pull a knife, you pull a hissy fit.

They pull a gun, you call a press conference to tell the media how mean they are.

She attacks your record, you attack her 17-year-old daughter.

She fights back, you hide behind Hillary's skirts.

That's the Chicago way, and that's how you get McCain!

In Ace's comments:
In a way I think that it makes sense that Rambobama is attacking Palin. The dims probably see her as a serious, if not main, threat. Not only now, but in the future as well.

A future that is haunted with night terrors of being hunted by some crazy woman on a dog sled.
With a moose rifle.

Couple of days ago, right after Palin's first speech someone- can't remember if it was The Obama or his staff- was whining about her speech being 'divisive' because she dared to say something unkind about Obama and Biden. My first thought: "Ohhh, is the mean lady being nasty to you? Is she actually being an opponent instead of trying to act like Evil Party Lite? Well, TOUGH SHIT.
I've been sick to death for a long time of Stupid Party members trying to appease the Evil Party and be 'bi-partisan'; because that always translates to bending over and "Thank you, may I have another?" I WANT partisanship, I WANT divisive. And it's finally happening(except for the two-faced little bozos in the Gang of miserable slimy betrayersTen).

Night, all

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Fire said...

"they’re not exactly picky as long as it’s wet and there’s plenty of it.", that can be said for many creatures.

Yes, fresh water daily. Washing the water bowl daily...bullshit. My new puppy eats mud. He is completely healthy according to the vet, but loves to get a mouthful of mud. And people think that if their water bowl is not washed daily they might just get sick and die from it? Whatever.