Monday, September 01, 2008

I know there're nutcases on both sides, but the Obamites

are out of their freakin' minds. I know, they were before, but the current crap that's going on... If you want to skip a lot of this crap, I don't blame you; I hadn't read it until this morning, and half wish I hadn't. Among other things, they're claiming that Palin wasn't actually pregnant; her daughter was, and she pretended to be pregnant to cover up for the daughter. AND, that's not the only piece of absolute frikkin' insanity these people are doing/saying:
"Pic from the Governor's convention-can we end this now?


66. I agree...time to move on to the daughter

And the response to that?

"LOL! Destroying the Palin family one member at a time :rofl

Yep, that's the 'reality-based community' at work.

The other day, I wrote that the popping noise you hear when reading about Palin was lefty heads exploding; it looks like I wasn't kidding.

And some of these people are flat disgusting. And insane. They're claiming Karl Rove set this up to make them look bad. As if they need help with that.


Anonymous said...

FWIW, I paypal'd a contribution this weekend to McCain/Palin after McCain brought Sarah Palin on as his VP pick.   This after I had throw countless previous pleas for a donation from McCain in the garbage can as soon as I plucked them from my mailbox.   But I have to type to you that since the 'Messiah's' Biden VP pick (what a joke!) which seem to me an insane choice, and then McCain's decision to bring Mrs. Palin into his campaign (nice!) I've been having a real bad feeling that all this was _way_ too good to be true, at least for us more conservative 2nd Amendment civil rights types?

Now I see that in fact Bristol P. is 5 months pregnant?   Does this make any difference to me personally?   Not in the least.   But after their track record this weekend it doesn't take much imagination to where the douchebags on the left will take this latest turn of events.

Thud said...

not much more evidence was needed to show the lefts inherent hatred of all that is good....what little was needed is now on show for all to see....shame on them.