Thursday, September 04, 2008

Connected to the previous,

Tam notes some of the Dem reaction to the Speech. They're upset that she was 'divisive' and said nasty things about The Obama.

Got news for you jackasses, I WANT divisive. I WANT the candidate I support to rip large, bleeding chunks off the ass of the Evil Party. I'm sick to death of being told 'We must be bipartisan and friendly-cuddly with those who want to ruin us'. Bullcrap.

One of my problems with McCain is he seems to have sucked up that 'most exclusive club in the world' crap about the Senate and believed it. Palin doesn't and seems to have no problem telling the hired help in D.C. what she thinks of them. Hopefully, she'll keep doing it.

They want to bitch and whine about 'divisive'? Let's give them divisive.

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