Saturday, September 06, 2008

When it comes to noting things about the current political mess,

tonight I might as well say "Go to Sondra's place and scroll down." But, so I can say something here,
Bill Whittle writes about the current situation since Palin's nomination and McCain's speech.

The reasons Sarah Palin isn't qualified, including:
She has never been on “Meet the Press.”

She didn’t write her own speech Wednesday night.

Her 17-year-old daughter is going to be an unwed mother - oh, scratch that, Bristol’s getting married to the young self-described “redneck.” Ooooh, how retro, getting married just because you’re pregnant!

Her hairdo is so . . .’80s.

She never heard of David Gergen, Sally Quinn or Jann Wenner, and she doesn’t care what they say about her.

She’s not a citizen of the world, she’s a citizen of Alaska.

And so on. And am I the only one who wishes we didn't know who those clowns are?

And some of the crap Biden wants to cram down our throats.

That's all for now. Since I just noticed that the ding I felt while moving stuff is causing me to hemorrhage on the keyboard. Bandaids, where...

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