Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some personal observations on the Palin bullcrap

Last few days I’ve been reading about the, can’t really call it reaction, the dementia being displayed by the leftists toward Palin. Just flat amazing, almost more so than it’s been disgusting.

‘Amazing’ are the leftists, especially in the media, with their “She has too many kids, she has a baby, she has a pregnant daughter so she should not have taken the offer.” They never offered one damn word of this toward any Democrat that I ever heard of, but that damned Palin just shouldn’t be running. Hell, she shouldn’t be ALLOWED to run.

Then the disgusting. The claims that the oldest daughter had had the baby and Sarah had faked pregnancy to hide it; that she’d endangered the baby by flying; apparently some disgusting example of a human has started a rumor that that Mr. Palin raped his daughter; on and bloody on. People stating flat-out that they’re willing to ‘sully’ themselves to destroy Sarah Palin, even if that means destroying her family as well. I think the least of this garbage has been the clowns ignoring that they and the media pretty much pressured the statement about Palin’s daughter being pregnant and then accused her of ‘throwing her daughter under the bus’. Ignoring that that’s Obama’s technique.

I keep coming back to that bleep(I just can’t think of a vile enough description) justifying wanting to destroy a family by saying “It’s for the greater good.” There’s a good little socialist tyrant, aren’t you? I wonder how many people you’d be willing to destroy with that claim? How many mass graves are you willing to dig and fill for your ‘greater good’? Hell, in comparison to that destroying a 17-year-old girl, her brothers and sisters, her parents, counts for nothing at all, does it?

I’m pretty much convinced that this is one of the most important elections we’ve faced in a long time. I think Obama and his minions- and his controllers- in the White House would be an unmitigated disaster for this country. The thought of it scares hell out of me. And the best I could say before about McCain is he wouldn’t be as bad as Obama. Sarah Palin has changed that somewhat. She’s an actual conservative/libertarian in her outlook, she’s not a career politician, she’s proven she has no problem with women doing whatever job while having no truck with the gender feminists. Someone, I think Rush, said that she’s one of the biggest threats imaginable to the leftists and socialists and her being nominated is driving them totally batshit(those who weren’t already there); hell, she’s forced the media to display their double-standards so blatantly I don’t think anyone can ever again claim they don’t exist*. It’s just amazing.

It’s also making them scream because her nomination has energized a lot of people toward voting McCain/Palin. Donations are up, people are actually showing enthusiasm. If he’d nominated someone like Leiberman or Graham, he’d have been dead in the water; now there’s a turbo on the campaign. And you can tell what a difference it’s made by the Tourette’s syndrome it’s revealed on the left.

*Yeah, I know, they will deny it. But after this, nobody but the most partisan moron will believe them. And those clowns are hopeless.

And I know she's not running for the top slot. I do think she can have an influence on things, though, and there's the possibility of her running for the top slot in a few years.

I wrote this last night, before I'd heard parts of her speech. I think some of the Obamessiah's people had to be either sputtering in outrage or wetting their pants- possibly both- as they listened.

And this morning Og points to this by V-man on the subject.

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Kevin said...

Oh hell yeah.
I was ready to hold my nose and vote McCain because I thought he was not conservative enough.

Maybe he isn't as conservative as my nonexistent ideal, but he is sharp, savvy and made a superb pick with Sarah (Barracuda) Palin! And knowing how McCain would not "throw his fellow captives under the bus", I know that He and Palin are in for the long haul, he will not abandon her to the tender mercies of her torturers.