Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have to take note of the latest dhimmi action from (fG) Britain

You might not think I am being serious. But if I was Head of Democratic Services at Tower Hamlets Council in East London, I would be. Last week John Williams e-mailed each of the borough's 51 councillors with a similar instruction.

For the duration of Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, they are, he told them - every one of them, Muslim, Catholic, Jew or atheist - to behave during council meetings as strict Muslims. They are not to eat or drink; they are to break for Muslim prayers; they are to do as they are ordered by the Muslim religion.

Strict Muslims do not eat or drink between sunrise or sunset during Ramadan. Because sunset will fall during the meetings, there will be 45-minute adjournments so that councillors can break their fast and pray. And to make things easier, there will only be seven council meetings during the month.

I'd show up and start eating a BLT, washed down with a beer.


Titan Mk6B said...

Make that a six pack and my dog.

Thud said...

There is an awful lot of low level resistance to this type of stuff that the govt and media here are desperate to keep a lid on...things are not as rosey as the govt and bbc elite would like to make out.

Fire said...

I love me some bacon!

Anonymous said...

In the words of Austin Powers, The bosses coffee would be "A bit nutty" if I worked there.