Sunday, July 20, 2008


Of a sort, anyway. Few days ago made some hummus and discovered I had no suitable bread. Being in a hurry I didn't bake any, just stopped by the store. Who were out of the kind I like(of course), but had a flatbread I'd never tried.

While sitting here trying to decide on something for lunch(some shifts/changes screw with your system), I started thinking pizza, but didn't really want to go out. And, being lazy, didn't want to make crust. Then remembered the rest of the flatbread.

Chop up some bacon, grate some cheese, find the package of mozzarella I'd fogotten, slice up a bell pepper from the garden, some tomato sauce, and there's fresh pizza I didn't have to go out for. Pretty good, too.

Oh, while it wasn't bad, pita definitely beats flatbread for hummus dipping.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Vienna Bread? I love that stuff! Put REAL butter on it...OH MY GOODNESS! I swear it could be a drug.

Anonymous said...

You just discovered pita? Wait till you have a gyro (pr. "yiro"). Or chicken or tuna salad filled inside the pocket. I do believe that pita bread comes from the same region where hummus comes from as well.

Firehand said...

Haven't tried Vienna, no. Have to check it out.

No, I've known pita for quite a while; it's what I usually use for hummus. Very handy, and very tasty. Both it and the flatbread are from hummus areas(among others).