Saturday, July 26, 2008

How do I despise thee?

Let me count the ways.

I’ve been thinking about Barack I Am The Anointed Obama and his little world tour. And the things he’s been saying(not saying in some cases) and doing. And not doing. Which keeps bringing me to two questions: Who does this arrogant bastard think he is, and what does he think he’s doing?

Despite so much of the media basically bending over and lubing themselves up for him, even some of them have been getting a bit upset by his actions, and those of his followers. Basically demanding his PR weenies be treated by presidential protocol, for instance; which, from reports, caused some reporter to tell the PR weenie “You’re not in the White House and he’s not president yet.” He shows himself to be a flat liar by starting the speech in Germany with “This is not a campaign speech.” He blows off visiting wounded troops because he can't make it a campaign stop, then lies and says the military told him he couldn't visit. He speaks of taking what people earn through trade and ‘distributing’ it; in other words, ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his need’. In Israel, being asked twice what he would do as president to see there was never another Holocaust, and refusing to answer.

And the more basic question, why the hell is he campaigning in EUROPE AND THE MIDDLE EAST? He’s running for President of the U.S., not Ruler of the World(although his attitude seems to be toward world government, preferably with him as the head); does he think the opinion of Europe & Co. is so important here that it’ll sway the election for him? Is he planning on using them to pressure the House & Senate to let him do whatever he wants if he’s elected?

And let’s speak of that ‘if’. He seems to think it’s his due to be in the Oval Office, that the election is a formality that’s annoying the hell out of him. And if we’re not smart enough to anointelect him, then The Children Will Suffer. Oh, and while it speaks of you wanting to properly better yourself, you’d better be aware that voting for The Obamessiah does not mean you’re not racist; just that you’re trying to atone for your racism. Etc.

We’ve got a standard-issue corrupt Chicago machine politician, who thinks he’s entitled to be deferred to and worshiped, who thinks that after less than two years in the Senate it’s his time to be President. Two particular things scare hell out of me in this: one is the “I’m so excited to be in your presence that I’m going to pee my pants!” attitude of so much of the media; the second is the virtual worship of so many people. No matter the lies he’s caught in, no matter the flip-flops that make John Effin’ Kerry look like a steady hand, no matter the open socialist bullcrap, they want to worship him. And remember, we’re talking about people who think not being allowed to carry urine bombs is violating their free speech rights; what do you think they’ll want to do if he’s not elected?

Maybe I ought to buy some more bullets and 4895. And primers. Just in case.


martywd said...

A lady over at the Houston Chron's blogs has an interesting theory regarding the Obamessiah's MO that's has me pondering?

Firehand said...

That's interesting, something I'd not heard of. Talk about believing in positive thinking.