Wednesday, May 14, 2008

When seconds count, the police are a

long damn time away. And some of the people involved don't care if you die.
"You're emotional, you're desperate and you call for help. Then what happened?" asked Phil.

"Nothing," Sheila said.

In fact, Sheila's 911 ordeal dragged on for almost three hours - through call after call.

Sheila: "They just keep on saying they en route, they en route, but they ain't came. It's been a long time. And he keeps calling me, threatening me."
911: "Alright, I see where you've called, and I'm gonna update them and let them know what all you've told me. OK?
Sheila: "Yes, ma'am."

Back when I was a dispatcher, I knew of times there was simply no one available, everybody was tied up. But I also knew of times when some 911 operator didn't really get excited about disturbing some officer with, you know, an actual hazard situation. And sometimes, like this one, you've got an operator who really doesn't care. In any of these cases, you're on your own.

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Fire said...

I had to call the police the other night, there was a situation taking place on the street where I live. Well, after all the guys split up and left...that's when the police decided to show up. The police showed up at the RIGHT time...FOR THE ONES UP TO NO GOOD!