Sunday, May 11, 2008

As the gentleman asks, if it was sold at a show with no paperwork,

then how the hell is ATF claiming to have traced it?
What's more, Robbins noted that the ATF was able to trace the SKS rifle used to gun down Liczbinski to a gun show in Fayettville, N.C. He said that because it had been bought at a gun show, the owner did not have to undergo a background check - another proposal that's been blocked by the gun lobby.
Like the gentleman, I smell bullcrap.

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Grumpy old Keith said...

Ahhhhh! the rich aroma of ....propaganda.

paving the way for more "reasonable restrictions"

Sorry, totally unreasonable restrictions made to look reasonable because of the lies told.

Sort of suggests to me that if the gun really was traced, then the person doing the selling must have been some sort of plant.

If that is the case, how many times has it happened before one or two were "successful"?