Thursday, May 15, 2008

Speaking of disgusting news and politicians-

which generally go together- we have the following:
Kim speaks to the Republican Party weenies who are panicking and hoping for McCain to save them. The latter is also proof of either clinical-level delusion or just flat-ass stupidity.

On McCain, I heard some parts of his speech in which he basically promised to do whatever it takes to make the Evil Party happy, and screw you if you don't like it. Isn't there a way to spray for life forms like this?

The Ontario 'Human Rights Tribunal' is full of shit. And should be hauled out and shot. Along with the greedy little bastard who brought the suit.

Sondra points out that Schwarzenegger is a moron. Of course, that fits him in well with the CA state government:
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger today defended his plans to borrow against future profits from the state lottery to help close a $15.2 billion budget deficit, arguing that the state’s fiscal crisis is so deep that cutting spending alone is not a viable option.
It's a viable option if you actually cut fat and bullshit, but the term 'fat chance' comes to mind.

She also takes note of the kind of rhinos that are behind people telling the Stupid Party to kiss their ass. AND have such a large level of disgust for the Evil Party:
By a vote of 149-141, the Democrat-controlled House rejected a measure that would have given the Pentagon $162.5 billion to keep the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan running through next summer, slightly below President George W. Bush’s request.

A large group of anti-war House Democrats voted against the funds. That, coupled with 132 Republicans voting “present,” meaning neither “yes” nor “no,” killed the measure for now.
This is known as 'too chickenshit to vote against', you miserable cowards.

Further evidence that Obama is a thin-skinned lightweight. Along with a lot of the other members of the Evil Party.

Blech. In the words of Quint, it's enough to piss off the Good Humor man.

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sput said...

I sent the latest beg letter back with "Dear John McCain, you are like a sock puppet with a democrat hand shoved up your ass."