Saturday, May 17, 2008

How the hell do some of you live in the Seattle area

when this crap is considered 'good thought' by the papers?
The narrative we're given about Munich is entirely in hindsight. We know what kind of man Hitler was, and that he started World War II in Europe. But in 1938 people knew a lot less. What Hitler was demanding at Munich was not unreasonable as a national claim (though he was making it in a last-minute, unreasonable way.) Germany's claim was that the areas of Europe that spoke German and thought of themselves as German be under German authority. In September 1938 the principal remaining area was the Sudetenland.
Ok, I can see you could think that. If you ignore all the people who were waving warning flags and screaming about what was about to happen. And so forth.

But who else is a Hitler? If you paste that label on somebody it means they are cast out. You can't talk to them any more. And it has gotten pasted on quite a few national leaders over the years: Milosevic, Hussein, Ahmadinejad, et. al. In particular, to apply that label to the elected leaders of the Palestinians is to say that you aren't going to listen to their claims to a homeland. I think they do have a claim. So do the Israelis. In order to get anywhere, each side has to listen to the other. To continually bring up Hitler, the Nazis, the Munich Conference and “appeasement,” is to try to prolong the stalemate.
Awright, dumbass, here's a hint: when someone is speaking of wiping an entire people out of existence, that makes them a Hitler. You might consider that in the future before you write crap like this.


Anonymous said...

Your article was great BUT.......your language was disgusting and you lost your credit.

Firehand said...

Oh, well, excuse the hell out of me. Good thing Acidman isn't still blogging: if you saw a piece of his the language would probably send you into fit of the vapors.

If 'crap', 'hell' and 'dumbass' bother you this much then you've got an awful low definition of disgusting language.

BobG said...

I thought your language was quite restrained, considering the subject.

Fire said...


You remind me of the toddlers I took care of when I worked at a child development center. At their little lunch tables, they would say, "OHHHHH, Miss (my name), he said, "shit". Ohhhhh, Miss....she said, "ass". You remind me of them in the sense that you tell on someone. It was cute coming from them, ridiculous coming from you. You also remind me why I like animals more than most people.


My greyhound might be a "Hitler". She wants to take out the squirrel and rabbit population.