Sunday, May 11, 2008

Animal stuff

noted by Bruce. First, I never knew there were penguins at the North Pole!

Oh, wait...

Second, advise for action if attacked by a mountain lion:
Officials have advised walkers and hikers to take precautions. They suggest people avoid taking outings alone, especially between dusk and dawn, and carry a walking stick.
I have the perfect stick for this. It's six feet long and has a steel spearhead on one end.

A few years back some friends went on a hiking trip in a national forest area along the Texas/Mexico border or TX/NM(Can't remember which), and found signs in the campground warning to watch out for the cats. They asked a ranger about it and were informed there had been several attacks over the last couple of years. Of course it was a 'no firearms' area. Got to tell you, folks, in a place with bears or big kitties, I'd have something noisy on my belt or under my jacket, orders from the Forest Service be damned.


Stephen Renico said...


Do you have any pics of that stick of yours? Is it something you forged?

Firehand said...

Somewhere I do, I'll try to find it. Yeah, started as a piece of 5160 bar stock.

Fire said...

Sounds like a pretty big stick.

Firehand said...

Yes, I DO have a big stick.

Oh, you meant the SPEAR. That too.

Fire said...

I didn't specify which stick I meant. But I got you to tell me what I wanted to know. ;)