Saturday, May 17, 2008

If I had a young daughter today,

there'd be a bunch of rules she'd probably hate. And I wouldn't care.
1: Mom and I will choose your clothes. We don't care what's 'popular' or what some idiot celebritute wears and wants to sell to you. Period.
2: If we had cable, there would be a whole bunch of channels blocked from the kids. Including
Nickelodeon. You are NOT watching that crap. Period.

That's what's immediately on my mind. I do have friends with young kids, and I worry about them. So, among other things, I'm going to help the dads work out something effective and quiet to deal with idiots who think acting like a gang-banger, a pimp or dressing like a prison bitch around their kids is cool.

Let's see, best way to dispose of bodies.....


Anonymous said...

When my daughter was 13 she brought her "boyfriend" home to meet us. He was dressed in the latest gangsta wannabe uniform, smoking a cigarette in my house and swearing like a sailor on liberty in a whorehouse. I took him back to his house, met his mom and dad and began with the foulest language I could come up with, hawked up a loogie and laid it on the floor beside the coffee table. Those people went nuts! Dad could barely contain himself, and mom burst into tears. I just stood there innocent as a lamb saying "What? Your f*ckin' kid acted like this in my f*ckin' house, I just figured it's how you f*ckers are at home. You mean you're not? Well f*ck me with a pop bottle."

Next day, Dad shows up with the kid in tow, now wearing a nicely ironed shirt, slacks, shoes shined, and sporting a very well done short haircut.

Dad prompted him to start his spiel, a quite sincere sounding apology. I told him in front of his old man that he had made a pretty good start, but that first impression was gonna take some serious work to wash off and if I saw him near my daughter or if I suspected he might have been near her, I would find him and beat him like a rented mule.

He is now married and has a daughter of his own who's about six. I saw him at the grocery store last week. He thanked me for helping to get him pointed the right direction. He said his Dad had already worked him over pretty good before they came over to apologize to me. He said he now understands why I was so angry and was deathly afraid of me for years.

I think some of the parents need to experience what their kids do in front of other people.

And yes, my little girl was very upset that I was so "judgemental."

Gerry N.

Fire said...

Kids today? It can be a scary thing. This is why I have chosen to not have children. Besides that, if my dogs were allergic to the kids...the kids might have to live with "MAMMAW". Nope. No kids for me.

Thud said...

sign me up...I have a brand new daughter.

Sigivald said...

What's Nickelodeon have to do with E!, the offending network?

Firehand said...

Nick has had a number of shows that are on the 'questionable' list for little kids. And they've had several by the squirrel Linda Ellerbee that boil down to "Wouldn't it be wonderful if America wasn't so mean?"